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Why Polish is Considered One of the Hardest Languages

Polish is considered one of the hardest languages to learn not only because of its grammar points and excessive vocabulary but many cultural concepts and language jokes that might be not understandable for someone that didn’t grow up in Poland. Seems hard? No worries! In today’s Post, we’ll cover the most important reasons why Polish is considered to be one of the hardest languages to learn as well as I’ll share some of the tricks to help you succeed in your Polish study journey.

Polish has complex grammar rules

Polish is one of the most difficult languages due to its complex grammar rules that give headaches even to native speakers. In Polish, you have 7 cases and each of those has its own rules which affect not only the noun but the adjective as well. On top of that verbs conjugate depending on the tense, aspect and person which is enough to make Polish score high on the list of the hardest languages to master.

Polish pronunciation is hard

Another reason why learning Polish is considered difficult is due to its pronunciation. In Polish, you’ll find a unique set of sounds that are not to be found in any other language and at times the differences between sounds are not hearable to other speakers. In Polish, you’ll also find nasal sounds such as “ę” or retroflex consonants such as “ś” or “ź” which are hard to grasp at first.

Aside from different sounds, it is also worth nothing that in Polish you have different stress which can be unpredictable and at times even change the meaning of the whole word. It is possible to understand the more you speak and listen to Polish but having a Polish language tutor might also be of great help.

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Polish has thousands of words

Polish has words that are adapted from many other languages that made their way into Polish through the years. This might seem good at first but knowing that Polish speakers have millions of ways to change just one word into tens of other versions might not seem optimistic. Learning the basics would be the same as with any other language but grasping Polish to be able to understand Polish language jokes is a difficult task and even natives often struggle with that.

There are not too many textbooks for learning Polish

If you want to learn Polish you’ll need to struggle with the amount of textbooks that will help you learn Polish. There are not many of them compared to more widely spoken languages which might pose trouble if that’s all you want to focus on.

If you’d focus on resources such as online courses or TikTok then you’ll find tons of useful content that would help you master Polish.

The cultural norm and nuances are difficult to understand

Learning Polish is one but underrating the culture is another thing. Due to its extensive and stormy history Polish language influence the cultural norm and nuances heavily. It is different at times from what is socially accepted in other countries and due to that, you might be ostracised in Poland if you act differently.

Learning to understand all of that comes with a lot of trouble as the generation gap is also a valid point that makes understanding social norms hard but I believe you’ll make it just great with a little bit of practice!

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