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Which Country Use Korean Language?

Are you wondering where the Korean language is used throughout the world? Maybe you wonder where that country is. Look no further, in today’s post we’re going to discover where you can communicate using the Korean language.

Which Country Use the Korean Language?

The first countries that come to mind to answer which country use the Korean language are South Korea and North Korea. Those are countries in Asia and Korean is an official language in both of them.

In South Korea, there are several other communities that speak another language but everywhere in Korea, you’ll be able to communicate in the Korean language. There are also some dialects or other minor changes that might result in feeling lost but if you know “only” Korean then you will get by in South Korea.

North Korea on the other hand also uses the Korean language but due to historical and political context, it might be slightly different than the language used nowadays. Major differences come in vocabulary, accent and spelling differences.

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Korean speakers in the world

You can find Korean speakers all over the world! More often you can find Korean communities in China, the United States and Japan but other countries such as Poland or Mexico welcome more and more Korean visitors. It’s an interesting fact considering the distance between those countries.

Want to learn more about Korean?

While some aspects of Korean might be challenging, many learners find the language rewarding and enjoyable. If you’re ready to start your adventure and you want to spend some time mastering the Korean alphabet Hangeul then Korean might not be half as bad.

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