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What Language Is German Most Similar To?

What language is German most similar to? Is German connected to any other language or is it an isolated language? Let’s take a look and find out an answer to this intriguing question!

What language is German most similar to?

German is one of the languages that belong to the Germanic language family. This makes it similar to other Germanic languages such as Dutch, Danish, Swedish and… English!

Knowing this fact makes it easy to grasp that all Germanic languages are connected to each other making them connected. As German, English, and Dutch are closely related, they have also evolved independently over time, leading to differences in pronunciation, vocabulary, and some aspects of grammar.

The good thing is that speakers of German, English, and Dutch may find certain similarities in the structure of sentences, word roots, and grammatical features which will make communication easier.

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What languages are most similar to German?

If we were to make a list of languages similar to German then it would definitely be a list containing all Germanic languages. This language group is further divided into West Germanic, North Germanic and East Germanic language groups which gather similar languages. That list contains:

West Germanic Languages:

  • German
  •  English
  •  Dutch
  •  Afrikaans
  •  Yiddish
  •  Luxembourgish

North Germanic Languages (Scandinavian):

  • Danish
  •  Norwegian
  •  Swedish
  •  Icelandic
  •  Faroese

East Germanic Languages (Historical and extinct):

  • Gothic (extinct)

Taking this list into account it might be worth taking a closer look at the West Germanic group as this is the list of languages most similar to German.

What language is the most similar to German? – summary

Based on language group it’s easy to answer this relatively easy German-related question. Language groups are almost always an answer to disputes like that and also a great determining factor in what language next you should pursue.

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