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Is Polish a hard language to learn?

Some say that Polish is a hard language to learn. So how is it with this weird-looking Polish language? Is it really such a beast to tame and is it really one of the hardest languages? And is Polish grammar really that daunting to master?

Is Polish hard to learn?

Polish is not a hard language to learn but a hard language to master. There are many complex parts of Polish language such as grammar and endless possibilities of making new words that even Polish people fight over little grammar errors. But the good thing is that when it comes to learning foreign languages, your main objective is to be communicative and when it comes to that Polish might be just slightly above the average.

Polish is hard, yes, but basic phrases anyone can learn similarly to words and basic constructions such as Chcę… (I want…), Muszę… (I need) etc. Those language structures are easy to master in Polish no matter what is your first language.

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Is the Polish language hard?

The difficulty of learning Polish, like any language, can vary depending on your native language, previous language learning experiences, and personal aptitude for learning languages. If you have languages such as Chech or Russian on your list then learning Polish will be much easier as those languages all come from the same language group.

Polish language might be difficult though because it has many options how to change a noun which is called declination. Add genders of nouns and it all seems like a horror story but good thing is you don’t need to learn that the first day on your Polish-language journey so fear not.

It is also worth noting that Polish doesn’t have many different dialects which would make communicating in Poland difficult. Mostly there is a standardised Polish language which is used around Poland. That is an important piece of information which makes the decision to learn Polish more tempting.

Is Polish grammar hard?

Polish grammar might be hard due to many different reasons. First of all, one word due to declination or conjugation might have tons of different endings which change meaning. Polish people understand it with no problem but for foreigners trying to learn Polish, it might be a hassle.

In Polish, you have 7 cases which determine what endings you should use with a specific word. For example, the noun kot can be declined into kot, kota, kotu, kota, kotem, kocie, kocie. It sounds tricky but the good thing is that many of those words and cases have similar forms so you just need to find a way to remember that.

If you want to learn Polish words with cases you should try Wictionary as it has all declension stated.

Is Polish a hard language to learn – summary

Despite many challenges, people successfully learn Polish, and the difficulty is not as bad as it first looks. With effective learning strategies, practice, and immersion every mountain can be climbed and every goal can be reached. The key is consistent practice, exposure to the language, and a positive attitude toward the learning process. 

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