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German Basic phrases for Travelling – what you need to know?

If you’re travelling to a German-speaking country then it’s always a good idea to learn a few basic phrases to use while travelling the country. You’ll be able to not only live on your own but also make friends might be easier even if later on you switch languages so the conversation would be easier for both sides. Today you’ll get to know 50 phrases that might come in handy and be a great start for your German language journey!

German Basic Phrases – 50 sentences that you need to know

When wanting to learn a new language it is always a good idea to start with basic phrases and German is not an exception to that. 50 phrases might not be much at first but it will allow you to get to know the new language pretty fast. It’s important not only to get accustomed to the writing of those phrases but also to pronunciation and listening comprehension. Otherwise, the knowledge of the phrases in German might be useless and time spent learning will be forever lost.

Below you’ll find the pronunciation of today’s phrases from my language channel German Vocab Explorers which is dedicated solely to the German language. I created it as a challenge and I share there all things connected with learning this lovely language.

Basic Phrases in German – list

Now that we have audio to learn the pronunciation from, we can start learning basic phrases in the German language. below you’ll find a list of all 50 basic phrases in German along with the English translation. Those phrases range from anything connected to saying hello and ending with talking about discomfort in the German language. This list is a short one but a good start if you’ve never heard anything about the German language.

Basic German phrases

  1. Guten Morgen – Good morning
  2. Guten Tag – Good day
  3. Guten Abend – Good evening
  4. Hallo – Hello
  5. Tschüss – Goodbye
  6. Bitte – Please
  7. Danke – Thank you
  8. Entschuldigung – Excuse me
  9. Ja – Yes
  10. Nein – No
  11. Wie geht es Ihnen? – How are you? (formal)
  12. Wie geht’s? – How are you? (informal)
  13. Ich heiße… – My name is…
  14. Wie ist Ihr Name? – What is your name? (formal)
  15. Was ist das? – What is that?
  16. Ich verstehe nicht – I don’t understand
  17. Sprechen Sie Englisch? – Do you speak English?
  18. Wo ist…? – Where is…?
  19. Wie viel kostet das? – How much does it cost?
  20. Ich möchte gerne… – I would like…
  21. Es tut mir leid – I’m sorry
  22. Können Sie mir helfen? – Can you help me? (formal)
  23. Kannst du mir helfen? – Can you help me? (informal)
  24. Wie spät ist es? – What time is it?
  25. Woher kommen Sie? – Where are you from? (formal)
  26. Woher kommst du? – Where are you from? (informal)
  27. Was machen Sie beruflich? – What do you do for a living? (formal)
  28. Was machst du beruflich? – What do you do for a living? (informal)
  29. Wie alt sind Sie? – How old are you? (formal)
  30. Wie alt bist du? – How old are you? (informal)
  31. Wann ist dein Geburtstag? – When is your birthday?
  32. Ich habe Hunger – I’m hungry
  33. Ich habe Durst – I’m thirsty
  34. Mir ist kalt – I’m cold
  35. Mir ist heiß – I’m hot
  36. Wie ist das Wetter? – How is the weather?
  37. Es regnet – It’s raining
  38. Es ist sonnig – It’s sunny
  39. Es ist windig – It’s windy
  40. Es ist bewölkt – It’s cloudy
  41. Ich mag das – I like that
  42. Ich mag das nicht – I don’t like that
  43. Ich bin müde – I’m tired
  44. Ich bin beschäftigt – I’m busy
  45. Ich bin fertig – I’m finished
  46. Das ist schön – That’s nice
  47. Das ist nicht gut – That’s not good
  48. Das ist interessant – That’s interesting
  49. Ich habe eine Frage – I have a question
  50. Auf Wiedersehen – Goodbye (formal)

The next step in learning German

The next step in learning German would be trying to learn some basic grammar rules because that will take your German to the next level. It won’t always be necessary and those phrases will be fine if your goal is mainly to get by in a German-speaking country during your travel.

I encourage you though to take this language seriously as you never know what interesting knowledge you will find by using this language on a daily basis. It’s a perfect language for all the researchers as German has tons of different books and studies conducted and those are far away from being boring.

Want to learn more about German?

While some aspects of German might be challenging, many learners find the language rewarding and enjoyable. If you’re ready to start your adventure and you want to spend some time mastering the German pronunciation then German might not be half as bad.

Be sure to read more about German here.

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