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Korean Grammar: The Top 5 Books

Learning Korean without books for learning Korean grammar is not an easy task. They help you understand the nuances of this language as well as all the rules that might not be present in your first language. Formal and informal language, showing respect in Korean are just two grammar points that can be a lot to handle if you’re just starting. In today’s post, we’ll cover the best 5 books for learning Korean grammar for beginners.

Korean Grammar in Use – perfect books for learning Korean grammar for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners

Any book that has a beginner with it might be a popular pick by learners and Korean Grammar in Use: Beginner is no different. It helps anyone starting with Korean and simple explanations and example sentences help grasp Korean grammar rules and pick up vocabulary quickly. At the end of each chapter, we’ll also find exercises to check if you mastered the particular grammar rule.

Additionally, this book also offers audio recordings that help with pronunciation and listening comprehension. If you use Anki to memorise new phrases and words then you might have noticed that some decks use sentences and audio from Korean Grammar in Use as this textbook is a classic on its own.

Korean Grammar in Use is my all-time favourite textbook for Korean. It sure helps with basic concepts of Korean and it’s also worth noting that many blogs that focus on Korean base some of their posts on it to explain the grammar points. Not every blog does that but during my study time, I found quite a lot of them which was a surprise.

It is also worth noting that Korean Grammar in Use can be found at Intermediate and Advanced levels as well. Those books are also helpful and they include audio and example sentences which help learn Korean.

Yonsei Korean textbooks teach grammar really well

Yonsei Korean is a series of textbooks that some people hate with passion or adore and cherish. I’m in that second group as I believe Yonsei Korean is one of the best textbook series that help with learning the Korean language easily and hassle-free.

There are 6 levels of the textbooks and each of them differs when it comes to the build of the chapters. The first chapters are easy to follow but the more we study the harder the lesson gets. For each grammar point, we have explanations as well as example sentences so learning Korean with this textbook series is pretty easy and fun.

The curriculum of the Yonsei Korean textbook is well structured and includes grammar, vocabulary and also exercises so we can work on reading, writing and speaking comprehension. It engages you to work on your Korean skills but also is not that hard if you’re a self-study learner.

Integrated Korean is the textbook you need if you’re serious about Korean

Integrated Korean is one of the textbooks that seem to be hard to use if you’re a self-study learner but it offers great value to anyone interested in learning Korean from scratch. It offers tons of vocabulary and crucial grammar points as well as dialogues that are easy to follow.

What I love about this textbook is that it explains nuances of Korean in an easy manner so it is understandable by complete beginners. This textbook doesn’t have any colourful images or anything like that but if you’re not a visual learner then it won’t be a problem.

It is also worth noting that some YouTube channels offer video classes that are based on chapters from Integrated Korean which can be a handy companion if you need additional explanations.

TTMIK textbooks perfect for mastering daily Korean

TTMIK is a short version of Talk To Me In Korean which is known by almost everyone interested in learning Korean. It’s not only a podcast of lessons for learning Korean but also a set of various textbooks designed for beginners and advanced learners. Everyone learning Korean can find something to make their Korean better.

Each textbook is slightly different but all of them offer many interesting facts as well as cultural notes that might be useful during travel to South Korea. Grammar and vocabulary presented in those lessons have their own order which might not be the same as offered in other textbooks but it’s effective in making you speak Korean right from the first class.

Korean Made Simple: A Beginner’s guide to Learning the Korean Language

Korean Made Simple is a textbook that teaches not only Korean grammar but also vocabulary in easy to understand manner. It’s one of the most popular book series and it covers every little aspect of Korean grammar that will be crucial for learners.

It is worth noting the grammar explanations are clear and concise so Korean grammar doesn’t seem to be as scary anymore. The author breaks down each topic into easy-to-understand sections and because of numerous examples, it’s possible to see how the grammar point work in context.

What I enjoy about this book is that offers helpful tricks that help memorise vocabulary. Each of us has their own ways to learn new words but it’s always interesting to know how others learn them.

What is the best book for learning Korean grammar?

There are many books for learning Korean grammar and I hope that with this post you found some of the ideas for the book that might help you learn Korean. Be sure to check out my Korean planner as it might help you plan your Korean language journey to its fullest!

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